Thursday, July 11, 2013

The "Momo Cafe" Experience

What was a supposedly Banapple lunch, turned out to be an unexpected trip to Momo Café.  Banapple was as always full house and the Momo Café's half empty seating and inviting ambiance lured me and my lunch buddy-husband to Momo.
The restaurant is classy and hip, with prices a little upscale for most Juans, although for the serving sizes and food quality, I think pricing is just right. 
Momo serves international dishes ~ which all seems delicious based on the menu...
We were served garlic bread with special pimiento dip while we wait for our orders.
We ordered, melted crab and spinach 3 cheese dips for starters, followed by slow roasted herbs US roast beef fingers.  Love them both!  Writing this blog, makes me want to go back!!!


The crab, spinach and cheese dip was simply divine. I can't believe it has spinach in it (even my boys will love this concoction) .  Their roast beef fingers melts in my mouth - just heavenly. 

We finished with a dessert called "Milo and Mamon MMMmmmm Good", for obvious reasons.  Never knew before that your regular mamon, topped with whipped cream, condensada and Milo could taste this good. 

VERDICT:  Thumbs up!  Good place for a date with your special someone (buti nalang full house and Banapple  :P)!!!

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