Monday, July 14, 2014

Latest Dining Discovery in Tagaytay City ~ Morielli's Inn & Diner Restaurant

Tagaytay never runs out of hearty food stops and family friendly restaurants that continue to impress.
In our last Tagaytay escapade, my family experienced for our ourselves,
It is a very charming restaurant, that offers exciting twists to your otherwise so-so traditional dishes.
 The menu selection is varied and all looks delectable. We had to settle with the chef's specialties.
My family ordered the pepper rice surprise, soft tacos, Pampanga pizza, carbonara and "turon with ice cream" for dessert.  

L-R/T-B: (a) Restaurant facade, (b) Interior, (c) While waiting for our order, one of the crew offered to take our family picture and (d) My youngest enjoying his turon.

L-R/T-B: (a) Pampanga Pizza, utterly delicious, (b) Carbonarra, egg base, (c) Pepper Rice Surprise, my husband can't have enough and keeps on saying, how delicious this meal is. He devoured on the entire plate, (d) Turon with generous slices of banana and langka inside.


The restaurant's tag line ~" Eat Much, Laugh Often and Love Much", speaks much of the owners passion for cooking and sharing this love affair with food to others to enjoy.

Morielli's is a special restaurant that offers lovingly prepared food served by truly warm and pleasant personnel.  

The fast service and personable crew (specially Rachel) tops the extraordinary experience.

  • Come in hungry and order the house specialties.  We would definitely be back to try their breakfast.

  • Our food order were on the spicy side, I would not recommend for small children.  Please ask the crew for food suggestions for your little ones.
  • Morielli's also has rooms for rent.  Rachel was nice and gave us the grand tour.  They have four 4 bedrooms with a common living room area.  Each room has 2 queen beds, which I think would comfortably sleep a family of 4. Please check their website for the room rates or call them personally and ask for discounted rates.
Morielli's is located at Calamba Rd. cor. St. Francis Rd. Tagaytay.

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