Friday, March 18, 2016

My favorite ensaymada just got bigger!

For ensaimadas, bigger is definitely better (come on, I know you agree)
RedRibbon introduces its bigger ensaimada that boosts in cheesy goodness
We Filipinos love to snack, and no one can argue that of all the many snack options kids and adults love, the classic ensaimada is one of the most popular choices.  However, not all ensaimadas are created equal ~ there are ensaimadas and there is Red Ribbon's Really Cheesy Ensaimada.
Now, Red Ribbon has just succeeded in making something already so good, so much better.  The new Red Ribbon Ensaimada is now bigger and bursts with cheesy goodness that no one can resist.
Red Ribbon’s Ensaimada still packs the same goodness Pinoys have always expected and come to love. It still has that same soft, melt-in-your-mouth pastry, well-balanced sweetness and the right cheesy goodness that is so affordably priced at P25.00 only. 

With Red Ribbon’s bigger ensaimada, snack time is sure to be more enjoyable, memorable and delicious.
Red Ribbon’s Ensaimadas are available in all Red Ribbon stores nationwide.
Again I am hungry :P

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