Sunday, November 3, 2019

Review of Umeck Cafe and Bakeshop

 Umeck Café and Bakeshop is a refreshing good coffee shop find!

It is located along Manila East Road (across NCBA Taytay) Barangay San Juan in Taytay, Rizal.

My husband was looking for a place for a message ~ he has been complaining for weeks about his tensed shoulder.  One Friday night after work, we chanced upon Sandie and Sky Spa.  
I was not in the mood for a massage or spa, but saw an inviting coffee next door.

We dropped by real late and it was good the coffee shop was open until 11pm during Fridays (check out complete schedule at Umeck's facebook page >>> Umeck Cafe and Bakeshop 

They serve coffee, breads, pastries, desserts, rice meals, pasta, pizza, chicken.

(I have tried the one of their past meals on a different occasion and found it exceptional). 

For this visit I only had coffee and an ensaymada 
(which I liked very much, that I ordered a box for take out)

I can't wait to try out their other pastries.   
Will definitely check it our next time (I think it would be perfect for gifting).

Final Verdict:
  1. The place is perfect for meeting small friends.  
  2. Staff are friendly. Food is commendable (hands down) and quite affordable. 
  3. Parking though could be a bit of a headache as Umeck is located beside Don's Korean BBQ and Buffet Restaurant and Shishang Hotpot (which are notorious for long guests' list especially  lunch and dinner.
Note: I haven't checked if they have wifi though as I have my own.

Sorry for the poor picture quality, will try to drop by during day time for a better picture.

For inquiries check out their facebook page>>> Umeck Café

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Delectable Bites at Mom and Tina's Bakery Cafe

I just love homey restaurants ~ 
they give breakfast nook at grandma's house ambiance! 

Welcome to Mom and Tina's Bakery Café. A quaint little restaurant serving comfort food, guaranteed to satisfy everyone's hunger.

This place is really cozy and inviting ~ 

Everything in the menu looks appetizing. 
I warn you, choosing could be a big challenge! 

We eventually ended getting:

 Quezo de Bola Spread (P250)

Chicken Fillet

Tocino and Egg (P250)

Grilled Sausage and Egg (P340)

Chicken Alexander (P265)

and Mango Cream Pie (P180)
extra heavenly with a cup of perfectly brewed coffee.

Mom and Tina's sells giftable boxed baked goodies and cakes fit for the oncoming holidays.  

Check and visit Mom and Tina's Bakery at
FRDC Building 106 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.,
Pasig City
Contact No. 914 0833 and 571 1541

Check their website ~