Saturday, June 29, 2013

Giligiligan Beach

We reached Giligiligan Beach via an Island Hopping tour we
commissioned.  There were very few people in Giligiligan in contrast to the White Beach and Puca Beach, which were loaded with tourists (locals and foreigners). 
We were happy we were the only ones around.  Sand was a little bit rough, but that was okay in exchange for some peace and quiet.
Now this is paradise - serene, calm and peaceful!
water was warm and very inviting
There were about 2-3 restaurants in Giligiligan where you can feast on seafoods by "paluto".  We just had our breakfast and were not really hungry so we just had fruit shakes...

see nobody is here...

just our banca - all alone :D

my son enjoying the feel of warm sand under his feet

We love Giligiligan!

This beach was all ours!

Aria Cucina Italia D'Mall Boracay

I was here with my boys for dinner.  I guess I just had to see and "taste" for myself what so many others have been raving about.
I was with real hungry boys and ended up ordering Aria pizza, Rissotto allo Scoglio (seafood risotto), carbonara (which was my kids' favorite pasta dish and recently a staple order whenever we eat Italian), mozzarella sticks and tropical shakes.
Price was quite touristy, but I expected that already. Ambience when you walk-in was expensive and there were only a handful of guests (mostly foreigners) inside - so you really chillax, while you wait for your order.
Food quality was good and we enjoyed our meal! 
I loved my seafood risotto the most
(keeping the dish mostly to my side of the table - "takaw"). 
It was very tasty.
The boys finished everything and with just enough space left for dessert. 

Oh yeah!  This kid is HUNGGGRY!!!
If you have a couple of bucks to splurge,  try Aria Cucina Italia.
Aria Cucina Italiana is located at
busy D'Mall, Boracay (036) 288-6223 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Crazy Crepes D'Mall Boracay

Hot humid night, tired aching feet and hungry boys:  Conditions were perfect for some mouth-watering delicious crepes! 

For special crepes in Boracay island, Crazy Crepe is a must try. It sells specially made crepes with ice cream and fruits fillings - YUMMY!!! 

Crazy Crepe store

Waiting for our order!

Finally my crazy crepe! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Calda's "Big Pizza"

For an impromptu office birthday "merienda" for hubby - I got him this huge 36" pizza from Calda's Pizza.   This humongous pizza is just perfect for a group of 20 hungry men (and women :P).   It comes in various flavors to choose from.  To make choosing easier, Calda allows mixing of variants.  I got him Granchi and Filipiniana.
I am not a huge pizza fan, but the size of this pizza was just amazing - it makes me smile and so I just had to give this one a try. 
VERDICT - taste is nothing to rave for. It was Italian inspired, thin crust with mozzarella cheese with regular pizza toppings, unlike most pizzas , however, this one was not oily...  with its size making it extra especial.

P.S. Yup, while I munched on my first piece of Calda's, I can't help but wonder, how they deliver such huge pizzas (it must have been difficult not to mention dangerous to navigate Manila traffic..) and managed to fit it inside the building elevator!  Hmmnnn... that I got to see...

is located at # 7274 Malugay St. Collective Bldg. Makati City.
with tel. no. 478-5127