Saturday, March 11, 2017

La Bella Teodorico: An Italian Restaurant in the Heart of Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

After a tiring day of touring Las Casas beautiful and historic houses (Please follow this link to read about our Heritage Tour: Las Casas Heritage Tour) ~ our excitement taking photos and touring every inch of the resort was cut short by the grumbling of our stomach.
My brother offered to pay for our dinner and my husband and I willingly obliged (lol)

Rule #1:
Don't say no to free food, besides free food tastes so much better.

There are plenty of food options inside the resort:

Café Marivent ~ A Filipino -Spanish Restaurant
La Bella Teodora - Italian Dining
Café del Rio - with Tapas as specialty

We were in the mood for some pizza and pasta and so we headed to La Bella Teodora.

We were served a complimentary basket of breads with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip
~ one of the tastiest we have tasted.

Everything that we ordered tasted very good. Food were flavorful and freshly prepared (in layman's term takes a while to prepare) 

Calamari was cooked perfect ~ crispy outside, soft inside and deep in flavor.

Pasta Marina ~ they obviously did not skimped on shrimps. 
This is my favorite. I could have eaten the entire plate.

Carbonara was as delectable, but I am not into white sauces. 

Quattro Formaggi (4 Cheese) Pizza
It is a thin and crunchy while there was an ample amount of melted cheese as topping.

Me and my husband were too full for desert.

However, my brother loving Tiramisu just couldn't say no to it, when saw it listed on the menu.

My brother's Tiramisu (Yup ALL his :P)

My sister in law also had 2 orders of Sangria. 
Must have been good. 

We all loved La Bella Teodorico. 

Food is wonderful though a bit pricey, but I cannot complain on that one as I had free dinner.

If you are visiting Las Casas de Acuzar and craving Italian cuisine, we highly recommend La Bella Teodorico. 

Molto delizioso!

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mayad Cafe ~ Palawan's Goodness in a Cup

Good old times are cherished best with a cup of coffee at hand. Hanging out in a cozy place which feels like home.

Welcome to Puerto Princesa's Mayad Café!

Mayad pronounced as mã-yàd is a Cuyunon (a native Palawan dialect) word  which means good and pleasant.

The interior is dainty and elegantly decorated.

I highly recommend a late night visit to cap your day
with Palawan coffee at hand...
My yummy cheese cake :P
And another devilishly "mayad" moist chocolate cake (made me say bye-bye to my diet).  
When on vacation you may as well forget about dieting!

  • Choose seats upstairs with a view. I personally find it more appealing.
  • Call in advance and inquire about their acoustic nights. Best if you can time your visit to one.
  • Order one of their creamy desserts to go with your coffee, truly "masabor" (that is Cuyonon for  delicious).
  • Mayad also offer all day breakfast, we had take out and they were exceptionally good (too bad I forgot to take pictures).

After spending hours communing with nature ~  chill, relax and do some people sighting at Mayad Café. 

Mayad Cafe is open daily from 11am to 11pm.
It is located at
Freedom Park Ground City Coliseum,
San Pedro Puerto Princesa.

(If taking a tricycle, please ask to be taken to the City Coliseum you will find Mayad Cafe easy). 

For questions please visit Mayad Café facebook page: