Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Army Navy Ortigas Extension

This is my 2nd Army Navy experience (after my not so good review of my Army Navy at Valero Makati branch , I never thought I would be giving the brand another try). 
This time, we have the kiddos with us.  Everyone, was craving Mexican and there weren't any Mexican restaurants in town, so the Army Navy signage was a welcome sight.
We came half an hour early for lunch, which was a good thing as the place has very limited sitting. I imagine this place can be jumped packed with hungry peeps lunch time.

My boys ordered quesadillas, burritos and a starving sailor (a huge steak-sandwich).


VERDICT: Food was actually better compared to my previous order.  The boys loved the quesadillas and the starving sailor, while I enjoyed the burritos.  

AMBIANCE: The place needs some serious cleaning. The tables were filthy.  As a mom, It has became a habit to wet-wipe clean the tables as soon as we've seated.  I was shocked to see my white wipes turn dirty black. 

Oh and no matter what, please don't enter the rest room (I was close to vomiting as soon as I entered the room).  Which leaves me thinking, how clean is their kitchen?

So will there be a 3rd Army Navy, after a strike 2?  I honestly don't think so.

For the brave mamas who still wish to try, this Army Navy branch is located at Ortigas Ave Ext cor Tanguille St Cainta, Rizal (02) 570-4826.