Saturday, December 31, 2016

d' Bread Kitchen (by Vikings) at SM East Ortigas

Shopping makes me hungry! 

So after sometime scouting shopping deals, me and my financier (a.k.a husband) ended up having lunch at D' Bread Kitchen.

D' Bread Kitchen is a bakery restaurant with a bit of rustic appeal...

I was immediately attracted to the restaurant's signage, that kind of resemble Bread Talks'  (I racked the net searching but nothing showed up).

I think the restaurant was on an opening dry run when we visited as it took a while for our orders to come out...

Well actually more than a while, say about an hour+ for my husband's order. D' Kitchen missed out on my hubby's order! It was a good thing he wasn't very hungry... if it was my order our lunch would have been a different story. 

Food is faultless and the presentation simply levels up the food appeal!

I ordered Chicken Pastel, while my husband had Tocino. 
I forgot the actual cost, but average meal costs P350+.

We finished our meal with a cup of coffee and slices of their chocolatey Chocolate cake
and Ube Lecheflan cake.

I can't really decide which is better -
so I recommend you order both as well!

Pastries and dessert options goes endlessly... would love to try their other cakes as well!
Check out D' Bread Kitchen
at the U G/F or SM East Ortigas Pasig.

Our take out ~ yummy Ube Lecheflan Cake!

Check out d' Bread Kitchen visit their facebook page at >>>  Facebook d' Bread Kitchen

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tiolo Antipolo ~ Barbeque, Steakhouse and More

My hubby and I are always on the hunt for things to do, places to go and eat. 

During our last Antipolo day trip (Antipolo is just minutes away from where we leave) we came across "Tiolo".

Tiolo is a quaint restaurant along Antipolo's Circumferential Road, right across Unciano Medical Center.

A little hungry(okay a bit more than just little) we seated and started ordering food. 
The place seats about 20pax.  We were lucky we came on a weekday, otherwise it must have been difficult to be seated. 

My husband ordered T-Bone Steak  (P200).  Serving was huge, but a bit dry and rubbery. He likes his steak tender and juicy.  However, for the price of P200, I don't think he is really complaining. 

Meanwhile, I ordered Cordon Bleu (P100).

This cordon bleu is really cheesy... I really liked it! 

Lumpiang Ubod (P55) is very good too. 
It was flavorful and the ingredients fresh. 

Smoothies (P100+) was just okay. 
I would have wanted mine frothy. 

Tiolo is an overall good place for a quick bite after a visit to the Antipolo Cathedral.   It is a bit far off from the church, hence it is not as crowded.

Food is a bit of hit and miss.  I personally loved my orders, but my husband was not as keen with his.  No worries though, since Tiolo has 3 page full of dishes.

Here is their menu:

2145 Circumferential Rd. Brgy. San Roque Antipolo City
Antipolo, Philippines.

For more information visit Tiolo on Facebook

Affordable All Filipino Dishes at Cusinas Restaurant, SM Center Angono

"Cusina" is one of the recently opened restaurants at SM Center Angono. 

I was invited for a visit (and yes some chowtime) the restaurant as part of a Food Crawl event arranged by SM for Rizal bloggers and media friends.

Cusina offers Filipino dishes at really affordable prices.  The set-up like the ever familiar "cafeteria" with a more classy ambiance.

Wall deco ~ screaming Pinoy :P

"Kutsara at Tinidor"

Menu for Almusal, Merienda and Tanghalian/Hapunan varies, but the dessert is available all day long.  

Average Merienda will cost you P50+, while a hefty serving (good for 2 pax) of Tanghalian/Hapunan will cost about P100+. 

Our group got to taste the following:

Laing - P69

Beef Steak - P99

Adobong Pusit - P100

Soon to be launched dishes ~ (prices not yet available)

(I am not a fan of kilawin, but I know people who would actually enjoy this dish) 

Grilled Tanigue

(Tastes a lot like bagoong, but not salty.  I actually liked it.)

Hamonado (This is very good, I would definitely order this one when I go back).

Rellenong Hipon
(They offered soy sauce dip, but I liked in more with catsup)

There are so many dish options to choose from. The ones we've tasted were really good and servings were generous for the price.

I would be back to try their dessert and merienda dishes.

If you are in the mood for decent priced Filipino food, come and visit Cusina. 

Cusina is located 2nd Floor of SM Center Angono.

Addicted to French Fries at Mojo Frites (Authetic Belgian Fries)

It was French fries galore during the last Rizal Bloggers and Media friends Food Crawl at SM Angono.

Welcome to "MojoFrites" ~ they offer Authentic Belgian fries with your choice of gourmet all natural original dip sauce. 

Their fries are crispy outside, soft inside bigger, longer and fried just perfect.

Owner Carlo at the counter, busy entertaining ~ "makukulit na bloggers"!

An order cost P79 inclusive of a dip, extra sauce is at P15.

Their long list of "all natural" sauces includes:
  • War Sauce**
  • Ranch*
  • Aioli*
  • Parmesan
  • Curry Ketchup
  • Curry Mayo
  • Sriracha Mayo**
  • Wasabi Mayo**
  • Sweet Chili
  • Teriyaki Mayo
  • Mayo Steak
  • Honey Mustard
  • Chocolate
  • Cheddar Cheese
(Those in "*" are my favorites and highly recommended for first timers; Meanwhile, I recommend those in "**" for those with adventurous taste buds).

French fries in gravy dip and bacon bits ~ "sarap"!

For the EXTRA hungry, Mojo Frites also offers, from their "Frites with Benefits" (lol) menu:

Schnitzel Burger - P99
Putine with Bacon - P99
Grilled Cheese - P65
Beef Dip Sandwhich - P120
Potato Balls -P75

The Potato Balls was quite a hit.  It was the first to disappear from our table.

Partner your meal with one of Mojo Frites Milk Shake options:

Cookies and Cream - P65
Chocolate - P65

Try the Mojo Frites authentic Belgian Fries experience ~ visit them at the 3rd floor of SM Angono.

Follow them in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Yakimix Buffet: Restaurant Review

Yakimix - Sushi and Smokeless Grill Restaurant is one of the most affordable buffet restaurants in the country.  This is our go to place, whenever we are in the mood for some mega-eating, but does not want to splurge as much.

Yakimix buffet spread is a mix of New American, Chinese, Filipino, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Seafood, Sushi Bars and Thai.  Food options is a bit limited compared to other buffet restaurants in the country and the food variants doesn't change much, but it enough to satisfy anybody's appetite.
Lunch and Dinner Buffet cost vary depending on Yakimix location, day and time.  

Below is the buffet price at Yakimix Podium, where we are frequent guests: 

Lunch, 11:30am to 2:00pm
Mondays to Saturdays P524nett / Sundays  P683nett

Dinner 5:00pm to 10:00pm  
Mondays to Saturdays P629nett / Sundays  P683nett

Note that Yakimix offers regular discounts by as much as 24% off via Metrodeal.
However, be mindful that they only have limited sittings for Metrodeal voucher holders so if you are considering a fixed date, remember to do at least two weeks advance reservations (especially during weekends).

Additionally, please come early, so as not to loose your slot. They only  allow 30minutes holding time.

Here are pictures of the Yakimix Podium from our most recent visit:

Be friend the grill :P   If all things fail ask for help from one of the very helpful crews.

As soon as seated find your way to the tempura section and  raw shrimps. These are often the fastest to run out. 

Our technique is to get cooked food first ~ followed by the raw items for grilling, as cooking may take a while.

Shabu-Shabu corner


Grill time :P

The buffet includes drinks, coffee and desserts

Yakimix accepts online reservations.

[Macapagal: 736- 7904/ 823-2374]
[Podium: 634-0302/654-2580/806-4331/806-5367]
[Trinoma: 901-0057/861-1718/861-4022]
[North Edsa: 921-9806/921-6375]
[MOA: 836-1535/836-1537]
[Greenbelt: 998-8039/475-5153/475-5154]
[Alabang: 553-4757]
[Malate: 354-9289]
[Masinag: 781- 4182]
[Prime(BGC): 869-0888, 869-0777]
[Davao: 285-3333/ 305-3333]
[Gensan: 301-5526/315-0569]
[Cebu: 254-7499/254-7501]

For questions and on going promotions, please check also the Yakimix facebook page.