Sunday, February 2, 2014

Restaurant Alert: BRASAS Gostoso

In search of good food, one work day ~ my lunch buddies and myself found ourselves seated at a Latin American Restaurant located at the recently opened SM Jazz Residence  :BRASAS (literal translation glowing piece of coal).
Our group of three ordered the house specialty Patacones as appetizer and Chivito al Plato as main dish.
Patacones are fried plantain fruit, which tastes a lot like baked banana chips only chewy like toasted potato fries.  It was topped with mixed salsa and shredded meat. 
For our main course we had Chivito al Plato for sharing, which was a combination of grilled pork, chicken and beef.    
We found both meals very gostoso (delicious) and filling.
The experience was an authentic Latin American one, with popular salsa and raggae rhythm as background.  I was really loving the place - brick-wooden walls, with hardwood chairs and tables. 
 If not for the poor ventilation (that leaves you and your coat smelling like "tapa") and the rather slow attendants (who took their time: a good 15 minutes to bill us and another 15 to punch our order, considering we paid cash),
I would have given Brasas an 8 out of 10.
If you are not in a hurry and this is your last stop for the day, 
I recommend this place a try, however,
if you have an afternoon meeting I would suggest you head straight to another restaurant next door.
This Brasas branch is located at SM Jazz Residences in Nicanor Garcia Makati.