Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Taste of Korea at Snow Panda SM Angono

The country has been taken by storm by all things Korean. There is K-pop, Samsung phones, 3D arts, Korean makeup.  Korean food was just around the corner.

Rizal Bloggers and Media Friends were taken to a Korean dessert overload in a recent Food Crawl event in SM Angono. 

Sharing with you my personal take on Korean desserts and snacks at Snow Panda SM Angono.

Bing Su is the Korean version of our "halo-halo".
It is actually shaved ice with sweet toppings

~ a Large Snow Panda Bing Su costs P200 to P210, while Medium costs P130 to P140. The Large serving is good for 3-4 persons sharing.

I love Snow Panda's Bing Su. The consistency of flavor and fine quality of its shave ice was really-really good. 

Pat Bing Su (red beans)
Watermelon Bing Su

Strawberry Bing Su (My personal favorite)
Injeolme Bing Su
(Korean rice cake and soya bean powder with almonds and cashew)
Mango Bing Su (with Almonds toppings). Most of companions grew a liking to the Mango Bing Su the most.

Choco Bing Su

We were also served:

Injeolme Toast (costs P140 to P160 for additional cheese or honey butter spread)

(Korean Dumplings, costs P100 per order)

Kimbab (steamed white rice with various ingredients, rolled in a sheet of dried seaweed; costs is P100 per order)

Tukbokki (This dish is made of soft rice cake, fish cake, and the sweet red chili sauce, costs P100+.)

Snow Panda is thumb up for me (well, except for the Tukbokki, which was a bit too much for me, though I think my husband, who loves spicy food would have a blast with this dish).

Would love to go back to try their Smoothies and Yogurt.

Have a Taste of Korea, check out Snow Panda at SM Angono.

For more information visit Snow Panda SM Angono facebook page at SnowPanda SM Angono.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Welcome to Giligan's Island (well almost...)

If you are up for some all time favorite Filipino dishes made special, I recommend a visit to Giligan's Restaurant.

The restaurant was  named after Gilligan's Island (but spelled with a double "l")  a 70's American sitcom show about nine charter boat crew and passengers who ran through a tropical storm and are shipwrecked on an unchartered Pacific Ocean Island. 

The theming and concept of the restaurant are such giveaways too.. lifesavers, anchors, nets adorn the restaurant walls and ceilings...

Rizal Bloggers and Media friends were warmly welcomed to Giligan's SM Angono by Giligan's Sir Rudolf, Giligan's Senior Chef and Ms. She.

We were served some of the house's specialties (there were so many options ~ and all looked delectable, I was happy Ms. She and her team did the choosing for us).

Chicken Salpicao (P175). I love salpicao, but this is the first time I have tasted chicken for meat. It was good too...  

Lechon Kawali mixed with Binagoongan Kangkong (P185)
For obvious reasons. this was one of the group's favorites.  The bagoong does not overpowered the lechon.    

Kare-Kare Beef (P275). Another one of the group's favorite.   My mom makes a kick-ass kare-kare and Giligan's compares in flavor and taste.   

Beef Caldereta (P204). Giligan's caldereta is special ~ I was surprise to taste a portion of creamy peanuts in it.  It was an unexpected delicious surprise.

Shrimp and Tofu Oriental (P240).  This is my personal favorite. I taste hints of garlic but can't seem to find any bits. I figured garlic powder (or probably just finely sliced/diced ones) did the trick. Tofu with shrimps was simply delicious.  I would gladly come back for this dish alone.

Giligan's Sizzling (crunchy) Chicken/Pork Sisig (P196)

If you are a family or group of 4+, save more and order their Good for 4 and 6 Promo...

Visit Giligan's webpage for more information

Sisig Hooray ~ More than just Pulutan!

Do you wonder, the reason behind the long queue of diners at Sisig Hooray? Read on...

Rizal Bloggers and Media friends were invited for a treat at one of SM Angono's latest food stops ~ an upgraded version of the all too familiar Sisig Hooray.  I was awed to see how far they've come. From their original kiosk take out store concept, Sisig Hooray is now a full pledged restaurant.

Wooden tables with its new logo.

Bricked wall with a vintage wall lamp.

It may have changed its look, but the same flavorful sisig recipe remains... (plus a few more additional variants).

Sisig served fresh every time. 
I love it topped with eggs and just enough spiciness.
The secret to the best Sisig in town!

My favorite is the Open Faced Talong con Sisig (OFTCS) price starts at P120
You can choose pork, chicken, bangus, tuna, squid for your sisig.  Though I think it is best served with the original pork sisig.  

I just can't have enough of the OFTCS... it was perfect with the on the side slightly sweetened banana and cucumber "atsara".

Oh and more of the OFTCS...

While I made the OFTCS mine, my blogger friends... had their fill of  Fully Belly Meal "Loompiang Sisig" (costs P100). I managed a bite of the loopiang sisig dipped in vinegar and it was very appetizing. My mom and dad (both senior citizens) will definitely like this one.

For those who loves sisig, but for health considerations - just can't, you would be happy to know that Sisig Hooray also serve
Tofu and Mushroom Sisig (costs P100)

It was equally delicious and would not have known the difference if the crew did not say so.

We finished our meal with some sweet creamy
Leche Flan (costs P29).

I am not a sisig fan, but Sisig Hooray just got me converted. 
Good food at affordable price.

Visit out Sisig Hooray at their SM Angono Branch.

For inquiries, check out their facebook page and website:

Friday, September 16, 2016

1st Colonial Creamery ~ Home of Exotic ICE CREAM

I have recently watched about Chili "Sili" Ice Cream in one of the television morning shows.
I must admit it got me really curious.  Just imagine chili for dessert! However, the restaurant selling it is in Tagaytay and I don't want to travel that far just for ice cream now do I?

My hubby and I were in for a treat, when we visited the last Travel Expo ~ lo and behold, beside Bicol's exhibit is an ice cream cart selling Chili Ice Cream. 

They are doing business under "1st Colonial".  1st Colonial is a homegrown creamery offering exotic ice cream. Their main factory is located in Daraga Albay, but recently they have been franchising their product nationwide.

The handsome man tending the ice cream cart is my husband.  He was just too excited seeing chili ice cream up close.

Cost is P50/cup. They have chili (their best seller), pili nut, roasted rice, moringa, coffee, calamansi, cucumber, taro, cacao, ginger and sweet potato ice cream variants.

My husband got chili flavored ice cream, while sissy me ordered pili-nut.

  • The ice cream texture is really creamy for both ice cream flavors. 
  • The pili nut was mildly sweetened with the perfect amount of nuttiness. 
  • The chili ice cream, came in 3 levels of chilliness, my husband bought the 2nd level.  I personally don't like chili food, but I liked the tickling hot kick at the end of each scoop.
I love the authenticity of the flavor and would love to try the other flavors cucumber and sweet potato.

1st Colonial is open for franchising. 
For franchising inquiries, please contact:

Franchise Manager
2/F Aspe Building, Rizal St.
Sagpon Daraga Albay
Philippines, 4501
+63 918 888 8511

email address: