Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pitstop GUIMARAS, Must Stop!

I never knew, I would be this excited writing about pizza.  

The Pitstop Restaurant located in Jordan, Guimaras just introduced me to my #1 favorite pizza EVERRRR ~ the Mango Pizza.  This pizza is just so delicious!

Imagine, generously sliced sweet mangoes on a properly baked soft and chewy pizza crust, topped with quick melt cheese and sprinkled with cashew nuts, with slices of green bell pepper .  

I swear, this pizza alone is enough reason for me to come back to Guimaras. 

Another crowd favorite is the Mango Spaghetti. I find this one quite sweet for my taste, I still prefer the standard tomato sauce blend with my spaghetti.

Don't forget to pair your meal with the refreshing Guimaras Blend.  Perfect combination!

If you are in Guimaras, this restaurant is a must try. 

For additional information of The Pitstop Restaurant, you may check out their website here:  THE PITSTOP RESTAURANT

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