Sunday, August 25, 2013

Taaleña Tagaytay "Tarana"!

Taaleña Restaurant Tagaytay is tucked some few meters away the busy Tagaytay's Aguinaldo Highway.  It is quite easy to miss the place, if you are not looking hard enough.
We were just glad to have discovered it. 
Compared to the roadside restaurants  ~ Josephine's, Leslie's and RSM, Taaleña is more laid back and rustic. 
Food and service were comparable to other frequented restos in Tagaytay, but somehow, I enjoyed my food here at Taaleña way better.
We over ordered, not knowing how huge their servings were.  We got pansit, calamares rice, tawilis and  lumpiang sariwa (so takaw)!
Servings was quite hefty - perfect for huge travelling families. 
Our order was enough to feed 6 hungry men (and we were just 2 adults and 2 kids).
I normally don't like dried fish, but with Tagaytay's tawilis I can always make an exception.

My boy was all smiles, when his watermelon shake arrived!

We were meaning to try their desserts - but I guess you know we weren't getting any, after finishing our initial order :(  Maybe next time!
Taaleña is located at Casa Taal, Silang Crossing, Km. 54, West Tagaytay City.

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