Sunday, May 24, 2015

BAGNETified ~ the best bagnets in town at affordable prices!

BAGNETified is the brainchild of Mr. KC Macapagal of MAKEYOURICH, INC.  A humble business that started from a bank loan in 2014, grew to 15 stores is less than a year and is expected to expand to 50 more by year end. 
And with BAGNETified affordable and really mouthwatering menu, a success story was as expected.
I was really excited to learn that,  BAGNETified opened its latest franchise in SM City Taytay, New Building ~ (A hop away from where I live, yehey!). 
An impromptu visit was an obvious must!
BAGNETified SM City Taytay store front

The BAGNETified Logo, 
menu choices with this sign are must try!
And so that is exactly what I did,  "ordered" the house specialties :P
Melt in your mouth BAGNETS ~ Hubby went gaga all over, just by looking at these pictures.
The BAGNET Sarap (Php319)
BAGNETified rice (Php 199)

Kare-Kare BAGNETified (Php 279)
Sampalok Smoothies (Php 99)


  1. LOCATION is perfect.  This BAGNETified store is located right next to SM City Taytay (open parking area).  Parking is no problem.  I love that I would not need to enter the mall, for an order of BAGNET.
  2. The store itself, although small and with limited seating, was comfortable, well lighted and has good ambiance. 
  3. PRICING is affordable and SERVING hefty.  An order, is good of 2-3 pax.
  4. FOOD is great, however, since it just opened some of the items in the menu are not yet available.
  5. STAFF are attentive and amiable.  Kudos to the branch manager Sir Charlie for attending to us immediately (I guessed he must have heard my growling tummy :P, lol!)
  6. This restaurant is recommended for big families and barkada night outs. 
One satisfied tummy! 
I would be back soon, to try they BAGNETified other specialties.


  1. Oh! Something new to try!(: I hope most of their ulams are crispy!(:

  2. I think I see this in the Mandaluyong area too! I love anything fried so I think I'll like this!

  3. I haven't tried bagnet, mukhang masarap and crispy hope I can try restaurant

  4. The sampalok smoothie is perfect for the summer days! Nangangasim na ako just thinking about it hehe


  5. Because of this, I want to eat in Bagnetified,now na :)

  6. oh yes i am... a passionate eater, i eat as passionately as i breathe.. hehe! which is why at my age i already have hypertension... because of too much cholesterol food. but id still try this bagnet.. konti lang promise!

  7. Oh! From the title I thought they sell bags..but as I go on reading, it's a resto pala. And I am intrigue on there Sampalok Smoothie.

  8. Let me start off my comment by telling you that you look radiant Mommy Juvy! *wink* Hihihi

    Okay,I'm curious about Bagnetified! It seems their foods all look yummy! Is this their only branch in Manila?

  9. Saya saya naman neto. Saw this on another blogger's post, this made me really want to try it out.

  10. I've been seeing this resto for quite sometime now. I love how it started by the way. Must check it out soon :)

  11. masarap talaga mga food nila...


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