Sunday, October 11, 2015

Flavorful Flame Grilled Chicken at Eduardo's Peri Peri (SM San Mateo)

Tired of your normal and standard family lunch dates?

Let me introduce you to our latest food find ~

This restaurant is home to one of the best tasting grilled chicken and baby back ribs I have tasted. 

The Periperi Corporation incorporated April 3, 2014 is a partnership of two young and driven businessmen: restaurateur Eduardo "Ed" Viterbo and entrepreneur Joseph "Josh" Calata.

Their maiden branch, which just opened last March is located at SMDC Light, Mandaluyong,  this was followed by West Avenue, Barangay Nayong Kanluran in Quezon City Branch and then the SM San Mateo Branch.

Their latest branch to open is located at the 2nd level of University of Perpetual Help, Dapitan corner V. Conception Street, Manila, with plans to open two more branches in SM Southmall and SM City Fairview by the end of the year and a few more in 1st Quarter of 2016.
We were fortunate to have been invited to a Blogger and Media Treat last Saturday to their SM San Mateo Branch.

The restaurant sports a vibrant South American feel. 
It has wooden furnishings in earthy colors and wall trimmings.  The ambiance is truly warm and cozy.

What makes Eduardo's special?
Eduardo's Peri-Peri Flame Grilled Chicken is unique for several reasons:
  • It undergoes an elaborate cooking process ~ from 24 hours marinating, combi-oven pre-cooking, vacuum packing, blast chilling and flame grilling. It was no wonder they have  successfully locked-in the flavor and chicken goodness.
  • They don't use batter or filler, they don't fry, hence food is tastier and healthier compared to most.
  • Their Peri-Peri sauces, developed and manufactured in New Zealand is uniquely Eduardo's.

Peri-Peri sauces come in three blends: BBQ, Spicy and for the bold, Kick Ass
I love the sweetness of BBQ and the tanginess of the Spicy sauce.  My husband and almost everybody else in our group were delighted with the Kick Ass. 

Peri-Peri sauce (P120/pc)

We were served, Chicken Garden Salad and Mediterranean Salad, for starters.

The Chicken Garden Salad is mayonnaise based, while the Mediterranean Salad is seasoned with vinaigrette and lightly sprinkled with feta cheese.

 Chicken Garden Salad (P89)

 Mediterranean Salad (P99)

The highly famed Peri-Peri Chicken (Half Chicken which comes with rice, drinks and regular side dishes for 2  ~ P328 / Whole Chicken which comes with  rice, drinks and regular side dishes for 4 ~ P636)

Baby Back Ribs (Half Slab P169 / Whole Slab P289)
A whole slab serving is enough for 3-4 persons.

Both the chicken and back ribs are super flavorful, the meat tender and juicy. They were already very good, without the sauce if you ask me, but when I tasted with drops of Peri-Peri sauce I was sold even more (Hubby hogged the Kick Ass sauce next to his plate). 

My favorite is this Portuguese Paella ~ tomato based topped with grilled chicken breast (I am a bit shy to say it, but most of this order ended on my plate).

Portugese Paella (Regular P129/Large P169) 

The surprising hands down star of our lunch is this All Black Angus Beef Burger.  I would be honest I am not a burger fan, but I was intrigued by this burger.

The black color of the bun, as our hosts explained is because it is made of black charcoal powder.  My curiosity had me sinking my teeth into this obviously unique burger. The soft and light bun complements the tenderness and juiciness of Angus beef.

Fantastic Restaurant, highly recommended for family and barkada lunch outs! 

  1. Food options is currently limited, but according to Eduardo's they are continuously expanding their products. We would definitely be back to try these out.
  2. Eduardo's provides customers a complete dining experience.  The warm ambiance adds up to the already delicious food.
  3. Eduardo's Peri-Peri is such a treat. Each and every order was spot on delicious. 
  4. Servings are hefty and family sized, but they also offer kiddie meals and budget meals, which is good for choosy children eater. Cost is very affordable considering the serving sizes.
  5. Service is very good and efficient.  Staff are attentive and are genuinely very welcoming. 

Gave your taste buds a BOOOST and visit Eduardo's Peri-Peri closes to you.

Four Thumbs Up (mine and my hubby's) !!!

With us are Ms. Diana Evite, SM PR Officer of SM San Mateo (6th from left), Mr. Rollie Halili, Promotions Manager (3rd from left) and Ms. Rayen Mendoza (7th from left) of Periperi Corporation.

For additional information and updates on Eduardo's Peri-Peri, visit their facebook page at


  1. 289php for a whole slab? wow thats cheap! if only i live nearby! Sana makapag open sila in Makati.

    1. Yes, really affordable. They are currently expanding branches ~ I am hoping we can get one near my place as well :P #palaginggutom

  2. Haha, that's okay if you finished most of Portugese Paella, I have those times too. :)

    The menu looks really good. The chicken's got me all drooling.

    1. Nakakahiya talaga Sis, but I really liked it! Food is very good and really reasonably priced.

  3. The black burger looks interesting! =) I think I want to try the different sauces. Very intriguing. =)

    1. The Black burger is really unique. I personally don't like burgers since I feel bloated after eating, but Eduardo's Black burger was light yet flavorful.

  4. I would love to try the All Black Angus Beef Burger, sana di lang ako mailang dahil sa black bun niya lols. I love food blogs! :)

    1. Try the Black Burger Sis. Keep your eyes shut on your first bite, the subsequent bites would come easy... trust me (lol)!

  5. Nice, interesting dishes! do they also have it here in Makati area? thanks!

  6. Are they planning to have one in Makati area? interesting dishes!

    1. Sad to say wala pa :C But the owners are aggressively expanding. Hopefully they open one in Makati or BGC at least.

  7. I've yet to try peri-peri chicken, but I hear that it's super good nga! I hope they have w branch in or close to south. Will check nga their Facebook page. :)

  8. SM San Mateo! Isang kembot lang to. haha. Gotta try this one out soon

  9. Wow.. That chicken ha! Looks yummy even in pictures. :)

  10. Curious about the Peri Peri Sauce :)

  11. The food looks great! I want to try it! Hopefully they will open a branch near me.


  12. I've hear a lot of nice reviews about Peri Peri so I'm really curious! Hoping to try their famous dishes soon.

  13. The foods looks yummy. I hope they'' have other branches in QC area :)


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