Saturday, August 27, 2016

Charitos by Bag of Beans ~ TKO by Coffee

My-ex and I decided an impromptu joy-trip one weekend and found ourselves in Tagaytay.  We were feeling a bit romantic, having the alone time, without our extra baggages (our beloved but super "kulit" duo ~ awws you know who I mean), that we knew right away that lunch would be extra-romantic (meaning no fast food!) and yes a tad more expensive.

Restaurant hunting in Tagaytay is never a problem ~ good restaurants abound. 

We finally settled in Charitos operated by the well-known Bag of Beans. 

Unlike the Bag of Beans branch located at the Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing, Charitos is spacious with ample parking. 

Charitos is gorgeous ~ it has wide open spaces with a view of Taal volcano (unfortunately, the weather was gloomy that day and we only got glimpse of the famous attraction). 

Decoration is a bit eclectic, but more of the Victorian side.

I ordered Fish and Chips (P380), tender lightly coated fish fillet, with side salad and potato wedges.

My ex meanwhile herbs marinated Roast Beef (P450)
I took bites and found it tender and really flavorful.   

For the finale (You can't say you have been to Charitos without) Bag of Bean's house blend coffee (P130) and  blueberry cheesecake (P160+).

  • Charitos by Bag of Beans is charming. It is perfect for a romantic or a special occasion date with your better half.  A clear view of the Taal Volcano below would have been the topping on the ice cream.
  • It is bit upscale, but we didn't mind paying extra since service was A+ and food great.  
  • We had a wonderful lunch at Charitos and would not mind coming back for more.

Happy customers :P

Maharlika East, Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, 
Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines
Contact no: 046 4831279


  1. I can relate, ang hirap magtry ng ibang restaurant if you have kids in tow. For sure, lagi fastfood at gusto nila fried chicken lagi. March pa yata yung last punta namin sa Tagaytay, will check this restaurant. :)

  2. I agree with you. Finding a nice restaurant is not a problem in Tagaytay. Even the restaurants in the market serve delicious food. This place is a relaxing place, sans the traffic hahaha

  3. We have dined at Bag of Beans several times already but have never tried Charitos. Good to know of this alternative since Bag of Beans is almost always full of customers.

  4. I've only been to Tagaytay not more than 5 times, and I haven't been to Bag of Beans or this one yet. Ang ganda ng view and the food looks divine. I'll put this on my bucket list, parang ako na lang yata hindi nakakapunta diyan haha.

  5. I also look forward to this kind of inpromptu date. How I wish we get an alone time. With five boys, we seldom leave the house to eat as it's more expensive. Nway, you're right. Fine dining at Tagaytay isn't a problem.

  6. Unplanned joyride with loved ones seems like something I'd never say no! I hope we can do that in the future. The food looks really tasty, makes my mouth water. The place looks serene as well. Too bad, malayo ang Tagaytay sa'min.

  7. Tagal ko na Di nakabalik ng tagaytay


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