Friday, September 16, 2016

1st Colonial Creamery ~ Home of Exotic ICE CREAM

I have recently watched about Chili "Sili" Ice Cream in one of the television morning shows.
I must admit it got me really curious.  Just imagine chili for dessert! However, the restaurant selling it is in Tagaytay and I don't want to travel that far just for ice cream now do I?

My hubby and I were in for a treat, when we visited the last Travel Expo ~ lo and behold, beside Bicol's exhibit is an ice cream cart selling Chili Ice Cream. 

They are doing business under "1st Colonial".  1st Colonial is a homegrown creamery offering exotic ice cream. Their main factory is located in Daraga Albay, but recently they have been franchising their product nationwide.

The handsome man tending the ice cream cart is my husband.  He was just too excited seeing chili ice cream up close.

Cost is P50/cup. They have chili (their best seller), pili nut, roasted rice, moringa, coffee, calamansi, cucumber, taro, cacao, ginger and sweet potato ice cream variants.

My husband got chili flavored ice cream, while sissy me ordered pili-nut.

  • The ice cream texture is really creamy for both ice cream flavors. 
  • The pili nut was mildly sweetened with the perfect amount of nuttiness. 
  • The chili ice cream, came in 3 levels of chilliness, my husband bought the 2nd level.  I personally don't like chili food, but I liked the tickling hot kick at the end of each scoop.
I love the authenticity of the flavor and would love to try the other flavors cucumber and sweet potato.

1st Colonial is open for franchising. 
For franchising inquiries, please contact:

Franchise Manager
2/F Aspe Building, Rizal St.
Sagpon Daraga Albay
Philippines, 4501
+63 918 888 8511

email address:


  1. This is interesting. I haven't really dared to try something too unique when it comes to ice cream. The most unique I've tried is bubble gum flavor, and it may even sound common to some. =) Maybe, I'll try this.=)

  2. I've also watched a youtuber try on the sili ice cream, and yes it made me curious as well. I didn't know they have that in Tagaytay though! I thought in Bicol lang. Maybe if ever we'll get a chance to go to Tagaytay, we'll try it there. Btw, where in Tagaytay pala itong sili ice cream? :)

  3. Is it the same level of spicyness with Wasabi Icecream? Would love to try the Pili Nut :)

  4. Perhaps I have come to an age wherein I do not fear trying anything. I have been through a lot and trying something for the first time isnt a major concern anymore. Would love to try that ice cream flavor as well. I imagine myself laughing perhaps and even teasing my boys to try them too.

  5. This ice cream looks good! And they are open for franchise. I think i want somwthing like this here in our place its perfect for the school area. I might check it with the owner.. Thank u!

  6. I love ice cream but have never really tried savory ones. Would love to try out these variants for a change. Sounds yummy!

  7. I've been wanting to try sili ice cream for the longest time! I think it's the Bicolana in me talking. Sana mapanindigan haha!

  8. I love spicy and Sili as well. Actually when I was a college my classmate and I we're hopping in Robinsons Manila then we're trying to find Ampalaya and Sili Icecream. We keep laughing because I said to her. Libre ko pag may makita tayo. Heheheheh! Nakaka miss lang.

  9. I've tasted a chili chocolate ice cream from an Italian resto and the rich flavor plus the spiciness are really there. But I don't think its for me eventhough I love spicy food.

  10. I'm not ready for the sili ice cream yet hahaha.. the pili nut I can gobble up in one sitting lol..

  11. I've always been interested to try this sili ice cream since I first saw a brand featured in Amazing Race Philippines ba yun? :) Masarap daw.

  12. I haven't tried a chili ice cream and the one in pili nuts flavor. Hopefully, I'll get the chance one of these days.

  13. I will go for Pili nuts flavor since I am not into spicy. Hope someday I can taste it too

  14. Wow! Made me crave for chili-flavored ice cream! I have only tried chili shake and malunggay ice cream when my hubby and I went to Bohol this time last year. The shake also comes in 3 levels of spiciness. I was surprised that chilis go well with refreshments. The aftertaste was really good!

  15. Not a fan of chili or spicy food but it'll be interesting to try this just to check it out my bucket list :)

  16. Magnolia has a version of chocolate chili ice cream and I loved it. I wanna try 1st colonial's ice cream din.

  17. I've been hearing about chili icecream for a few years now but I haven't had the chance to try it yet. I am intrigued. My breastfeeding cousin would most likely be interested in the moringa flavored ice cream though. :D

  18. I tried chili- flavored gelato a few years back and I didn't like it that much. I still prefer the old sweet taste but glad to know we now have that flavor locally-made.


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