Saturday, April 22, 2017

Restaurant Review: Ogetsu Hime at SM Aura Taguig

Ogetsu Hime is Japan's food goddess.
She offers life-giving blessings to ensure bountiful harvest, abundant catch, fertile pasture and healthy farm.

Ogetsu Hime the restaurant was named in honor of Japan's food goddess ~ such a tough name to live up to. 

Let us taste to see if Ogetsu Hime was able to live up to its namesake. 

I must start by saying their plating is elegant. 
My mouth watered at the first sight of the dishes we ordered.  I love them all, especially the Tempura Soba (I took a mental note to remember to order this on our return) 

We started with an order of Ogetsu Hime Salad (P280)
Serving was hefty and good for sharing. 

Gyoza (P165)
Japanese Pork Dumplings
These were really tasty and delectable.

Kaisen Fried Rolls (P270)

Bread Crumb Crusted Fried Roll with Spicy Tuna, Salmon, Cream Cheese, Topped with Wasabi and Mayonnaise and Unagi Sauce (I know it was a mouthful, but it taste awesome with all the flavors coming in together with the spicy tuna as the final kick)

Tempura Soba (P280)
Buck Wheat with Ebi Tempura

This is by far my favorite dish from our order.  It is embarrassing but I cleaned this bowl (with very little help from my hubby); And it is a rather huge bowl :P

Tofu Steak (P190)
Deep Fried Beancurd with Subatsu Sauce
The tofu was perfect with the flavorful garnishing. 

Hungry for Japanese Cooking?

Visit Ogetsu Hime and have delectable -authentic Japanese cuisine at really modest price. 

Ogetsu Hime is located at the Level 5 of SM Aura.
For inquiries and reservation call:
0917 8096585

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  1. Those Japanese food are tempting me to dine with my hubby at a nearby Japanese restaurant. :) They look very sumptuous. I like Japanese cuisine but not the sushi/sashimi ones. :)

  2. My husband and I started loving Japanese foods. Ramen, makis and gyoza but we don't eat raw foods like sushis. Yes, they are instagram-worthy but not in my stomach. We haven't tried Ogetsu Hime, hope to try it soon...


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