Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Blugre Coffee Manila East, Taytay Rizal ~ Coffee Experience

We are frequent visitors of Blugré’ Coffee at the Manila East in Taytay Rizal (near the New Taytay Municipal Hall).  It is just a few meters away Taytay's famed Tiangge Market.  Location is perfect to freshen up and lounge a bit after a stressful day of hauling stuff shopping.

Blugré originated from Davao and is famous for its signature drink ~ Durian Coffeccino, a cappuccino concoction that blends espresso and the durian fruit. And cleverly dubbed as “The King of All Coffee’s” ( Durian being the king of All Fruits).  

I have not tasted it personally though, and would rather stick to my regular brewed.  I need to psyche my self up a bit first.

Here is a look at the coffee shop's interior ~ setting is warm and cozy.

Sorry I can't help myself, posing by the Blugre Coffee wall...

We visited early and ordered breakfast.  Food was fine, but could be improved.

And our Coffee Uppers ~ with chocolate cake :P

The place is more than just coffee.

My husband and I love it here. It was peaceful and secluded, and you can truly enjoy your cup of coffee as you do some people watching.

Come and visit Blugré Coffee ~ Manila East.

For questions and inquiries check their website at

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