Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ming's Garden Tagaytay

(My boys at Ming's Garden Coffee Shop entrance)
It was a perfect day to start my 35th birthday! We are off to spend a weekend at The Canyon Woods Resort in Tagaytay.
On the way to the resort we stopped at the Ming's Garden, owned by former president Fidel V. Ramos' wife Ming Ramos.
(Inside the coffee shop, while waiting for our delicious suman.
The souvenier shop as background)
We go to Tagaytay quite often, but never had the chance to check out this place, until now.  The place is serene and gives a feel of a laid back country-garden atmosphere. The garden is well kept, restrooms are clean, and staff are friendly.  
The garden houses a coffee and "pasalubong" shop. We weren't really hungry, but the menu card picture of a yummy "suman" so grabbed my husband's eyes.
We ordered "sumang yapos" in coco syrup, siomai (my kids are addicted to siomai so this is a default order), club sandwich, "halo-halo", tea and kapeng barako (to go with my husband's suman). The "halo-halo", "suman" and "kapeng barako" did not disappoint us!
My kids had a blast running around the garden and spent a good deal of their time watching the Koi fishes, in a man made pond beside the coffee shop.
Before leaving I got a couple of hanging plants for our gazebo for only P50 a piece, truly a steal.
I am certain this will a regular stop over whenever we go to Tagaytay. We will be back!

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