Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sanrok sa Kamalig, Morong Rizal

A friend of my husband told him about this place in faraway Morong Rizal called "Sanrok sa Ringring (Sandok sa Dingding) restaurant.
The restaurant specializes in yummy Filipino dishes with Asian cuisine techniques like its own versions of Bulalo (cow’s bone marrow soup with vegetables), Bicol Express (pork in spicy coconut milk).
My husband loves roadtrips and FOOD, so when we finally had the time off from work, we took the kids along and headed East.
We travelled quite a distance, but thankfully only got lost twice or thrice. Good that my husband doesn't mind stopping and asking for directions.
Finally got to the place past 12nn. We were hungry and tired and were just so happy we got there.
Signage says "Sanrok sa Kamalig" the attendant said "Sanrok sa Ringring" is the old name.
The place is reminiscence of an old salon pub/bar you see in the old Filipino western movies. I actually felt like, some outlaws will enter the place any minute.
The entrance to Sanrok!
Food was not extra ordinary. It was just okay for me, except for the "Halo-halo Sinigang" (a mix of 2-3 kinds of fish). My husband and my cousin kept on saying that the "chopsuey" was great!!!
We were all so full when we left the place and paid only P1500 for a a complete group meal (we ordered halo-halo sinigang, pancit, barbeque, steamed lapu-lapu, chopsuey, rice with drinks) for 8pax (n0t bad)!
If by chance you are headed in the far East, Sanrok sa Kamalig is worth a stop.
Sanrok sa Kamalig Restaurant and Function House is located along Morong Rizal Highway, contact number 691- 5647.

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