Monday, April 22, 2013

Isdaan sa Gerona Tarlac ~ fish sighting :P

 Isdaan in Gerona Tarlac is a perfect family breakfast-stopover for a North Luzon road trip.   Skip the NLEX fast food and treat your kids to a fine meal at Isdaan Floating Restaurant for a change. 

Isdaan is huge and has just about everything you look for in a local restaurant.

(1) Bahay kubo on stilts. Plenty of koi fishes in the pond and uniquely decorated restaurant -  to feast your eyes on or take pictures as you wait for your order. 

(2) Singing waiters and waitresses in Filipiniana costume. Balikbayan and foreign tourist are sure to enjoy. 

We were led a kubo that stands on stilts over

(3) Cool photo opps with manong guard...
the Hulk...

some... huge monkey statues...

a couple of carabaos! 


and famous personalities - statues (such as Michelle Obama, Barrack Obama, Cory Aquino, Erap Estrada) - sure feels like we were in a museum!

(4) freebies for the kids (balloons, goody bag filled with candies and fish food to feed the Koi fishes)
 (5) fish feeding was the highlight of this stop over!

Kids were asked to wear life vest, for safety pre-caution.
The pond as we were told is about 10 feet deep...
(6) an innovative activity at Isdaan is the Tacsiyapo wall - cool way to release stress and anger!
(7)  good food 

Food is great and price reasonable,  we ordered their traveller's meal and budbod (rice toppings). 
The experience was like a step in a theme park.  My kids absolutely love Isdaan and while they would normally hurry us (my husband and me) with our meal, we had to beg them to go, when it was finally time to leave. 

Verdict:  A+

(04593) 12196

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