Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What happened to my CHOCO-LATE Batirol?

I was so excited, when I finally saw the signage heading to my favorite choco-late shop in Baguio ~ CHOCO-LATE de Batirol. 

I remembered the first time I went there as a newly wed (with my hubby)... I so LOVE the old fashioned way they make their choco-late! 

It was an absolute MUST in our agenda, in our last Baguio visit.

We were led into a semi-private seating and I began going through the menu, as I try to recall my favorite orders from our past visits.

On the top of our order list is the famous cocoa drink for my hubby and myself and choco-banana for the kids.  Since it was almost dinner, we ordered an all-day tocino breakfast meal for my eldest son and chopsuey meal with steamed rice for sharing for hubby and me.

The chocolate was exactly as I remembered - rich and creamy (delicious)! Unfortunately, I can't say the same about the chopsuey and breakfast meal I ordered.   The chopsuey was overcooked and the breakfast tocino tasted like an over the counter tocino bought from SM.    As for the choco-banana, my kids sipped a little and left the rest. I was so disappointed.

I was more shocked to learn, we have to shell out P1000 for 4 drinks, an all day breakfast meal, chopsuey and steamed rice.  Really not worth it. 

I so wonder what went wrong...is it me?  Maybe I've set the bar too high! Haizz...

Next time,  I will just order the hot choco!  For a decent meal for half the price, I would simply head straight to Mile Hi just a few blocks away.

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