Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Good Taste - really?

We were navigating the Burnham Park Lagoon, when we realized it was almost lunch time. The boys were growing hungry and towing hungry kiddos is not a very pleasant sight.  We asked our boatman for restaurant referrals and we were directed to
Good Taste Restaurant

Good Taste Restaurant is located Lapu Lapu St., Baguio City
and is about a 10 minutes walk from the park, but my kids were too tired to walk so we ended getting a cab. 

There is a display bar for cakes and sweets. 

It wasn't as we have imagined, it was a fast food Chinese restaurant.  We were looking for some fine ambiance, where we can laze around as we eat lunch and relax

The place is busy and noisy.  Staff were all over the place like robots - none smiling, they were just serving...(I guess they are tired)! 

As the place was half-packed  with starving guests and my boys were exhausted from our Burnham Park day out, we decided to order take out and just have lunch in the comfort of our Azalea Residences hotel room.

We ordered take out pancit, fried chicken, chopsuey and yang chao fried rice.  Servings was obviously hefty and quite affordable I should say.

Where is my order?

Food is not good as we were expecting.  Chopsuey was over cooked, chicken was bland, pre-packed ready to cook pancit tasted better than the one they served us  (and I love pansit) and the Yang chow - hmnn... was different.  Not really sure if I had my orders all wrong or we were just being picky.

Good Taste was definitely cheap ~  if it is your birthday and you are paying for a huge group,  you could save tons by dining here! 

But I honesty can't say it is good tasting. 

We would definitely skip this one in our next Baguio visit.


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