Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Uno Grille Vigan

I have very high expectations of Uno Grille in Vigan.  The very good reviews I have seen on the net were indeed quite promising.  Unfortunately, my first hand experience was far from satisfactory. 
We came in past lunch time, a little after 1:30pm, but there were still  a number of guests coming in - I think that would very well explain, why the waiters and attendants were running all over the place and service was quite slowwwww...
 Service: Poor
We came in such a bad time. The only place left for us to occupy is a table underneath a tree.  There is a makeshift net that blocks the tree leaves from falling down on our food.  However, it was not as effective on falling insects. 
Ambiance:  Felt like I was gate crashing to someones birthday party.

We ordered the Vigan staples poki-poki, Vigan longanisa and bagnet! 
VERDICT: Over rated! Price was okay, but food wasn't great!   
Eating is a social experience, especially if you are eating in scenic Vigan.
In this case, we were just glad we were finally served, we ate and went our way.
 Uno Grille Restaurant is located at
 1 Bonifacio Street, Vigan City

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