Saturday, June 29, 2013

Giligiligan Beach

We reached Giligiligan Beach via an Island Hopping tour we
commissioned.  There were very few people in Giligiligan in contrast to the White Beach and Puca Beach, which were loaded with tourists (locals and foreigners). 
We were happy we were the only ones around.  Sand was a little bit rough, but that was okay in exchange for some peace and quiet.
Now this is paradise - serene, calm and peaceful!
water was warm and very inviting
There were about 2-3 restaurants in Giligiligan where you can feast on seafoods by "paluto".  We just had our breakfast and were not really hungry so we just had fruit shakes...

see nobody is here...

just our banca - all alone :D

my son enjoying the feel of warm sand under his feet

We love Giligiligan!

This beach was all ours!

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