Saturday, July 13, 2013

OMJ (Oh my JONAH's)

Oh, I was so excited to see the well reviewed "Jonah's" fruitshake.  I was so thrilled when I walked in to get my first famous Banana-Peanut Shake.

I was a little worried to see, that they serve their shakes in take-out plastic bottles.  Hmm, so much for going green...

My order was a little too sweet for my taste. 
Maybe I should have just ordered a less fancy fruit shake, maybe then I would have enjoyed it more.
VERDICT: Just average!
I have honestly tasted better shakes... elsewhere... (Red Coconut's Banana-Peanut was way so much better. We also tried their Strawberry, worth every penny.)
Haiz, I passed on my half-finished bottle to my hubby and went our way.

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