Saturday, July 13, 2013

Red Coconut Boracay

Boracay's White Beach stretch is actually a stroll along numerous resorts, hotels and restaurants.  Deciding where to eat was simply nerve racking.
For our first night in Boracay, we gave Red Coconut (I was looking for red coconuts or slightest hints why the name Red Coconut, didn't find any) a try.
Red Coconut is located at the beach front of Station 2 and is just a few steps away D'Mall.
Red Coconut's facade...

The bar. Too bad we never got to try it  -
with kids, our drinks are mostly limited to water and shakes :P

My boys had strawberry and choco-banana shakes. 
Both were spot on, up to the last drop! 

We ordered fish and chips (which my youngest wouldn't share) and spiced sea food viand (it was very tasty, what a shame I can't remember what it is called...)

My family love Red Coconut, I don't mind going back and tasting their other dishes. 
I have read, they also serve superb oven-baked pizza.
For certain there is going to be a next time.

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