Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bulawan (not) Floating Restaurant

It was a fine Saturday morning for a road trip.  So we packed our bags and headed off to
Cavinti Laguna from Taytay Rizal via Manila East and Lumban-Caliraya-Cavinti Road.
It was almost noon time and I swear I heard my kiddos' tummies grumbling.  Along Pilillia Rizal main highway we saw the Bulawan Floating Restaurant signage.  Without hesitation, my hubby entered the restaurant's gates and hurriedly parked the car (I guess he is hungry as well :). 
We were greeted by the restaurant's waiters and led to the main pavilion (I was eyeing a more private seating, but the private cottages where all occupied).

I was immediately given the menu and proceeded to ordering for my family of 9. 
I ordered buko, 2 sets of halo-halong inihaw, halo-halong sinigan, buko pastel, 2 orders of pansit. According to the waiter, each order is good for 3 pax, but for a hungry road-tripping family I would say each order was only good for 2).
They have huge tables.  It was difficult to pass the food around, one would have to stand to reach across. 

The first to arrive is my dad's order of buko! 

The halo-halong inihaw, included - tilapia, hito, pusit, liempo (with side vegetables: okra and talong).

The halo-halong sinigang meanwhile included - hipon, alimasag and fresh fish catch.
My boys while waiting for the rest of our entourage to finish, gamely posed for picture taking.

Bulawan's main pavilion.


FOOD and PRICING- Food was good, not splendid.  I also find the servings quite small for the price (average 300-400 per order). 

AMBIANCE- Since it was an open area, there were plenty of flies hovering around. A fly literally dived into our Singing.  It was a constant struggle to keep them off your food.

SERVICE - The crew were nice and friendly.  I requested for fish feed (since the restaurant has an area for fishing and I thought my kids will love seeing fish feeding) and one of the attending waiters nicely got me fish feeds for free.  Unfortunately, the fishes must have been sleeping or probably just had lunch 😄, since we did not see any.  I was a little disappointed.

Overall it was a good experience. Not sure if I will be back though.  There were plenty of other restaurants in the area and I would gladly try them out first before any repeat!

So is it floating - not really!  The cottages are not on stilts and were in fact made of concrete.

Bulawan Floating Restaurant is located at
Km. 59, Manila East Road, National Highway, Halayhayin in Pilillia Rizal (Contact No. 585-3234).

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