Monday, December 2, 2013

Tok's Manggahan Foodhaus (and everythingelse)

Lunch at Tok's Manggahan Foodhaus was purely accidental! 
We were on our way home from Porta Verde in Cavinti Laguna to Taytay Rizal via the National Hi-way.  It was  running late and everyone in the car (including my husband-driver) was near irksome from hunger!!!
My husband stopped by the first food house/restaurant he saw and before we knew it, we were already seated at Tok's Manggahan Foodhaus for lunch!
The restaurant's façade looked exotic and rather expensive. 
My family loves trying new things and exotic seems appetizing at the moment.  We were celebrating a special occasion, so I thought an exotic restaurant would be perfect. 
However, lo and behold, we were dumbfounded to learn that we entered a canteen "turo-turo" type restaurant (lol, my dad was easy on his pocket this time and offered to foot the bill - he was of course just joking)! 
The food was decent and the place seemed clean.
The bill:  We were a party of very hungry 9 pax (7 adults and 2 kids) - my husband ordered: everything on the food display table, rice, drinks and dessert and ended paying P500. 
Plus: The restaurant doubles as a "pasalubong" center.
On one corner they have sweets, native delicacies from Laguna and nearby Quezon.  On the other is a gift shop, where you can get cute, inexpensive fashion jewelries, trinkets, bags and blouses, slippers.  Talk about maximizing space!
Tok's Manggahan Foodhaud is located along the National Hi-way of Fami, Laguna.

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