Saturday, June 21, 2014

Forest House Bistro and Cafe Baguio

I had to make sure, that we get in, the famous Forest House Bistro and Café this time!  The last uneventful visit, when we were refused entry (since I underestimated the place and forego reservations) - was truly a bad experience
I called up Forest House and confirmed a dinner table for four. 
We came a little early for dinner and it was a good thing, since parking is limited and could be a nightmare if we came a little later.
The place was half full when we came in.  The place is intimate and nicely decorated in cottage-country home motif and lovely eye candy trinkets all over. 
There is a small veranda outside,
but view wasn't as terrific as I thought.  
We ordered the house specialties from L-R/T-B, Forest House wine sauced chicken, mini burgers with fries, fettuccine carbonara and baby back ribs.
AMBIANCE - Homey and relaxed, however, I was disappointed with the view. I was expecting more.  BenCab's Café Sabel has by far a more superior view and would choose Café Sabel on the basis of view alone.
STAFF - Nice and attentive, but service is quite slow.
PRICE - On the expensive side. 
FOOD - Good, but not exceptional.  The carrot cake that we ordered was perfect with our Forest House coffee.
Next time, we would probably be back for an afternoon coffee or tea, with one of their yummy deserts.




  1. Thanks for sharing. I took a friend to Bagiuo before and we checked into this country home style hotel too, and we didn't have a great view either, but I thought it was still the best hotel I've been in at Bagiuo. Back then it was "Burnham hotel" but I haven't been back and the hotel of the same name in ads doesn't look like the same hotel I went to. The other hotels our band were booked into were the common, building-type ones. I might look into this one the next time we go up. :)

  2. i am from baguio and waaaaay back, Forest house had a good view. but that time, the veranda was newly made (renovations were being done that time if i remember correctly). however, i think baguio is too saturated already so most places have houses for views already... try secret garden next time in south drive. :)

    1. Thanks for thee tip. Will include Secret Garden in my Baguio bucket list.


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