Saturday, June 21, 2014

SOUL Cafe - Back for More!

We are no strangers to La Union's SOUL Café,
although admittedly it has been a
while since we were last here.
Good memories of this restaurant had us wanting to come back again!
It has aged a bit, but food remains great (that means delicious and affordable). 

Buffet breakfast from our Baguio hotel screwed up our appetite and we ended with a very late lunch
(or a "lurienda").

We ordered honey glaze porkchop and pork igado for lunch and pansit bihon for merienda and some  
strawberry crepe with coffee to finish our meal.

All our orders are sumptuous - clean plates testify.

I will always love a stop over at SOUL Café. 
SOUL Café is located at Mcarthur Hiway, Camp One, Rosario La Union visit their facebook webpage for more details. 


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