Saturday, November 22, 2014

Jipangyi ~ Seoul Cane Ice Cream (latest ice cream craze in town)

Jipangyi ice cream stalls never seem to run out of people lining for a cane (yup cane) of Jipangyi ice cream.
The curious cat in me, caught up and I got me my son  a cane each.
Jipangyi ice cream prides itself as the only ice cream store offering soft served ice cream in cane cones made of corn.   
Cost is really affordable at P35 per cane.

  • My son did not finish his ice cream. My boy loves ice cream, but this one was just not his taste.    
  • Never got to finish mine either. I cannot understand why everyone enjoyed their Jipangyi ice cream and I did not.
  • I totally love the cute presentation, but that was just about it for me. 
  • The ice cream was just ordinary and the cane cone bland and too hard. I can't hardly bite through. 

Should you buy? 
Others enjoyed their Jipangyi ice cream, so don't let this review stop you. Besides eating ice cream in a cane cone made of corn should be experienced at least ones. 

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