Saturday, July 18, 2015

King Bee - Chinese Food invades SM Center Angono

One of my top of mind Chinese Restaurant, serving authentic Chinese cuisine is King Bee.   My family and I are frequent visitors at the Sta. Rosa Branch. We don't mind the never ending queues of guests, just for a taste of our favorite siomai and hacao. 

And so when I heard they finally opened a branch, just  a stone throw away my doorstep (okay, okay, about a kilometer away), I was honestly elated (mamaspeaks' translation: all of sudden hungry).

I felt so lucky to have been invited to it's "Rizal Media and Blogger Friends day".  I was certain, it was going to be a FULL and FILLING day (as in literally)! 

(The mandatory pose, with King Bee himself :P)

King Bee - Chinese Restaurant at SM Center Angono is the latest of the Kind Bee branches to open.  It is located at 2nd floor of SM Center Angono and occupies a huge space enough to seat 150-180 guests.  The kitchen is open and visible through a glass window ~ so you are sure orders are prepared fresh and clean. 


We were served with some of the restaurant's specialty dishes, starting with my favorite ~ dimsum.

We had dimsum galore!
The Chicken Feet (P80) was a favorite with our male blogger friends.  Not my taste though.
My favorite dimsum ever, ANG "hacao" bow (P150)
Pork Siomai (P100) was equally delicious.
If you can't decide which dish to choose, order dimsum, you can never go wrong.

Other dishes served us, included:

Deep Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper (P280)
The squid was soft and easy on the bite, with just the right amount of spiciness from the pepper and the chilly.
King Bee Chicken (Half - P250 / Whole- P520). I had a bite or two of King Bee's chicken, but I am not a chicken fan so I moved immediately to the next  dish.
Pancit Canton (P230) for long life.  This pancit has sauce, which makes it a perfect pancit "pang-ulam".
Sliced Beef with Broccoli (P300)
The beef was tender and juicy as opposed to the crunchy broccoli. I love broccoli, so most of these greenies went straight to my plate (ssshh!)
The Sweet and Sour Pork (P280) was sweet and bit tangy. 
I liked this one too, but not as much as I did my dimsum :P
The ever staple order ~ Yangchow fried rice (P220).

We finished our meal with an Almond Jelly and Lychee (P70).
 It was very good as it washed off the remaining chili off  my tongue.
Hungry for authentic Chinese dishes?
If the answer is YES!
...then head off to King Bee ~ Chinese Food and check out for yourself their delicious, hearty dishes.


  1. I love Chinese food especially dimsum and the salt & pepper squid. Haven't tried King Bee though .. hopefully soon :)

  2. I love King Bee's Cooking! Hope you had also ordered their shrimp in butter and salted egg, it was the bomb. Like eating a sweet seafood with a sandy texture dahil sa salted egg hehehe... I made my review sa Zomato, I forgot to put it in my blog kasi hehehe.. :)

  3. The photos are enticing, makes me famished*drools*.. i would love to try their chicken feet if it beats my mom's chicken feet. ;)

  4. I think this is the same as Xi Lai Men in Robinsons Magnolia. I like their Xiao Long Bao :D

  5. Ooh, I love hakaw! I have never tried King Bee before though.

  6. I've always been a Chinese food fan. King Bee will certainly be a hit to me with the stir fry beef with broccoli and chicken feet dimsum. :)

  7. I have only been to King Bee once and yes I love their Dimsums :)

  8. I always see this resto but never really tried it :)) Will check it out soon :)

  9. Not really a big fan of Chinese food but I love Dimsum and Siomai. Aaaaahhh! *drools* :)

  10. I love dim sum, too! Unfortunately, I think I'm allergic to shrimp so my dim sum choices would be quite limited now! :D

  11. Hacao looks yummy! Is it any better than gyoza? Thats my fave chinese food! Or is it japanese?

  12. Every dish looks so delicious ah most specially the salt & pepper squid and my favorite, sweet & sour pork!


  13. I haven't been to that place but I'll definitely make time to visit. Favorite ko ang dimsum! :)

  14. Wow! Do they have a branch here in the South? Our family just had a Chinese lunch date yesterday and we loved the food! Thanks for sharing! At least we have more choices when we start craving for Chinese food again.

  15. Wow! Do they have a branch here in the South? Our family just had a Chinese lunch date yesterday and we loved the food! Thanks for sharing! At least we have more choices when we start craving for Chinese food again.

  16. There's a king bee resto near our place but I've never tried them yet.

  17. I love Chinese food too! It's like a tradition for most families here in the Philippines during family reunions. =)


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