Saturday, September 17, 2016

Welcome to Giligan's Island (well almost...)

If you are up for some all time favorite Filipino dishes made special, I recommend a visit to Giligan's Restaurant.

The restaurant was  named after Gilligan's Island (but spelled with a double "l")  a 70's American sitcom show about nine charter boat crew and passengers who ran through a tropical storm and are shipwrecked on an unchartered Pacific Ocean Island. 

The theming and concept of the restaurant are such giveaways too.. lifesavers, anchors, nets adorn the restaurant walls and ceilings...

Rizal Bloggers and Media friends were warmly welcomed to Giligan's SM Angono by Giligan's Sir Rudolf, Giligan's Senior Chef and Ms. She.

We were served some of the house's specialties (there were so many options ~ and all looked delectable, I was happy Ms. She and her team did the choosing for us).

Chicken Salpicao (P175). I love salpicao, but this is the first time I have tasted chicken for meat. It was good too...  

Lechon Kawali mixed with Binagoongan Kangkong (P185)
For obvious reasons. this was one of the group's favorites.  The bagoong does not overpowered the lechon.    

Kare-Kare Beef (P275). Another one of the group's favorite.   My mom makes a kick-ass kare-kare and Giligan's compares in flavor and taste.   

Beef Caldereta (P204). Giligan's caldereta is special ~ I was surprise to taste a portion of creamy peanuts in it.  It was an unexpected delicious surprise.

Shrimp and Tofu Oriental (P240).  This is my personal favorite. I taste hints of garlic but can't seem to find any bits. I figured garlic powder (or probably just finely sliced/diced ones) did the trick. Tofu with shrimps was simply delicious.  I would gladly come back for this dish alone.

Giligan's Sizzling (crunchy) Chicken/Pork Sisig (P196)

If you are a family or group of 4+, save more and order their Good for 4 and 6 Promo...

Visit Giligan's webpage for more information


  1. Wow! Everything looks tasty! I've never tried to dine at any Giligan branch. I hope soon we'd be able to try them out too.

  2. I haven't tried this restaurant pa. Feeling ko kasi more on barkada restaurant ito na may umiinom. So we just visit other restaurants na lang.

  3. Love their promotions. Good for 6 and looks like everyone will be full.
    The photos make me miss pinoy foods. :)

  4. Giligan's Crunchy Sisig is my favorite! When my husband and I are up for some unli-rice, we usually go here. They have Unli Rice + Ulam of choice kasi on their menu and I usually pick Sisig. Also, my family prefers this resto when we dine out sometimes kasi generous ang servings and they love the Filipino dishes being served here.

  5. Gilligan's is our default food place for the family. When we're tired of fastfood and we can't spend so much, we go to Gilligan's and avail of their group promo packages. We just order extra rice sometimes, but usually, the package is more than enough for us. We get their chicken, lechon kawali and sinigang package ALL THE TIME. As in all the time, haha!


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