Saturday, February 10, 2018

Ddung's Bob Burger ~ Robinson's Antipolo

I was in the mood for something different and
out of my comfort zone.
With the kids left back home, I thought now is the time, me and my husband can have something without "fried chicken, pizza or spaghetti in the menu" (you know, what I mean right?).

We have been passing by a Korean restaurant in Robinson's Antipolo named "Ddung's Bob Burger" and I think it was high time we give it try. 

There were not much people inside when we came in, so this made me a bit (ok more than a bit) worried... (does no eating guests mean "so-so" food?).

The staff were very attentive and polite.
I think our wide eyed-blank (almost like lost) facial expression was a real give-in.   They really took time to explain their menu and even recommended their best sellers.  

We were served "house tea" while waiting for our order

For starters, we ordered seaweed spring rolls (with japchae fillings)

~ (Costs P100+). It was surprisingly delicious. I liked it better dipped into the spicy red sauce it came with.

And one of DDung's Hansang set meals, which was good for 2 ~ (Costs P500.00). 

I've read after that "Hansang" is a Korean word which is loosely translated to "A table full of food". 

Our order is spot on delicious
(not to mention colorful and looks really appetizing).  Wrapping the meat inside the leaf somehow enhances the flavor of the meat.  I really liked it.

Our order came with lemonade

 ...and side dishes, kimchi and (slightly) spicy anchovies. 

I am not a "kimchi" kind of gal, but the spicy anchovies, I can take home.

I think price is affordable for the quality of food, generous servings and really amiable crew you get.

MamaSpeaks gives it a two thumbs up!

Ddung's is located at the 2nd floor Alfresco Wing of Robinson's Antipolo.   If you happen to pass by the area, do give this restaurant a try.  

Mobile No. 0917-9138000

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